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A Crime for Love

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TOPIC! July 20, 2002 - Use the sample below and incorporate it into your story.

It suddenly came to him in a flash, a complete insight, the whole plan, every detail, and he saw that it would work.

"The perfect crime!" he thought, "And there is no way anyone can tie it to me. All I have to do is take care of one little detail first."


Title: A Crime for Love

MSWord Count: 989

“Divorce rates are at an ultimate high and rising every year.” Scott rubbed his forehead. “If something isn’t done soon to prove the legitimacy of this company, we’re going to have to close.”

“What do you mean, ‘close’?” Darla asked, dismayed.

“The End,” Scott stood up from the white bench and walked across the garden. Butterflies fluttered around him and he swiped at them angrily.

“But he can’t do that!” Darla exclaimed, running after him. “We’ve been around almost forever!”

“He can do whatever he wants.” Scott stopped and turned to his younger sister. “He is Upper Management.”

“Well . . .,” Darla, for the first time in decades, was almost lost for words. “Well, there must have been a trial. What was said at court?”

Scott handed her the file. “We have to set her up and make sure it sticks.”

Darla flipped through the file. “This seems easy enough. She’s young, smart, and somewhat attractive. It’s an easy case. I’m sure we--“

“We can’t do a thing,” Scott spat. “It’s all up to Grandfather.”

“Grandfather?” Darla gasped. “But he hasn’t done a case in--“

“That’s the problem.” Scott grabbed the file back. “We’re not allowed to help him. If we interfere, it will be a crime. He has to do it on his own, Darla, just like when he started the business.”

Darla walked beside her brother in silence as they headed back to the house. The serenity of the garden was no longer appealing to her. Scott was right to be worried; this would be The End for the entire family, to her entire life.

Scott didn’t sleep as his mind swarmed with thoughts and solution on how he could handle the case without Upper Management knowing he had a hand in it. He had read over the file countless times, and it seemed like an open and shut case, but Upper Management never made things quite that simple. There had to be a catch. Making up his mind, Scott got up and dressed. He couldn’t figure out a plan of action without first paying the client a visit.

Teresa Darvey typed away at her computer as Scott watched inconspicuously through her window. He had watched her for hours as she surfed the web, occasionally placed orders, and printed out things of interest. It was obvious to Scott that this client didn’t get out much, making it that more difficult for his grandfather to win this case. How could he introduce this recluse to the love of her life? This was a complete dead-end . . . unless . . ..

It suddenly came to him in a flash, a complete insight, the whole plan, every detail, and he saw that it would work. "The perfect crime!" he thought, "And there is no way anyone can tie it to me. All I have to do is take care of one little detail first."


Grandfather had this one chance to prove himself and he couldn’t fail. With determination, grandfather grabbed his case and set out to work. All he had to do was use his negotiation powers, yet lately the charm was not always binding. But, No. No, this time it had to work.

At Teresa’s home, he watched and waited. And watched and waited. It seemed that Teresa would never leave her computer as days and nights went by. Then finally, a change of events. The doorbell rang. Teresa bolted to the door and was greeted warmly by a UPS guy.

She seem familiar with him, Grandfather thought, as he watch the man shyly smile down at Teresa and noticed that she quickly diverted her eyes when she found him staring at her. It was the perfect moment.

Grandfather opened his quiver and strung his bow. He was good at this--the best! He’ll show his great-great --how many greats were there?-- grandchildren how to form True Love.

With perfect aim, he released his arrow and watched as it zipped through the air. Closer it came to its target and then suddenly, it swerved and went straight towards . . . the computer!

“No!” Grandfather screamed, though the oblivious couple didn’t hear the terrific outcry as they abruptly ended their conversation and Teresa closed the door and went back to her computer.

Grandfather sunk down to his knees as he saw mortality wash before his eyes. It was all over. He had made that one arrow especially for this occasion. No matter who Teresa Darvey lay her eyes upon, Love was going to be there for life. Now, in just a few seconds of an arrow in flight, it had all ended.

Grandfather stayed on his knees for nights afterwards, mustering up his courage to face his family and tell them that their End had come. Gaining his strength, Grandfather flapped his wings and flew home.

Grandfather Cupid entered the coliseum hearing the whisperings around him and knowing it was talk of his family loosing their immortality. It was The End for all of them, and the gods took pity upon him. As he approached Upper Management, his quiver dragging along the floor, he saw in amazement that Zeus was smiling.

“I didn’t think you had it in you, old fellow,” the deep voice thundered. “It seems that I was quite mistaken about your talents. Using the Internet to find true love. Quite ingenious, I must say.”

Cupid raised his head, astonished.

“Your family’s name has been exonerated. This is a new time, a new way for Love of the future.”

Applause and cheers broke out in echoes, and Cupid, still in shock, took a bow before the crowd.

Darla looked down at her grandfather with a smile, and whispered to her brother, “You tweaked his arrow, didn’t you?”

Scott smiled. “I wouldn’t do such a thing. You heard Upper Management, that would be a crime. Are you saying I’m perfect?”

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