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About Deana Zhollis

The Obsession = Writing = Writer = Deana Zhollis

(Dee-Anna Zol-liss)

Every writer is born with an obsession; an obsession that possesses the pen and makes it write. What type of obsession is hidden and expressed in every story. Just read carefully and you can see it. Most people call it a Passion.

Since the day Deana Zhollis set her eyes on the movie Gargoyles made in 1972 (the year of her birth), her mind's been drifting with romance and/with unearthly Beings. So, the storytelling journey began from dolls and paper dolls, to reading folklore and fairy tales; and then on to her rite of passage--Science Fiction & Fantasy (even before she knew what it stood for!). Engulfed in, and in love with, the genre, she dreamed over and over of that perfect union with a dark and sizzling twist.

She attended University of San Diego, California and majored in Communication with a minor in Literature/Writing (a major in Writing was much too hard for her to handle, heh heh!). She got her first reward on writing at age 12 and looked forward to her next accomplishment...

But, she stopped writing after college (1995) when life start settling in, but "the calling" didn't leave her blood. She got back on board in 1998 and started her first novel (my baby!) , The Made and finished in 2000. It won 1st place in 2001 at the Houston Writers Convention.

The next novels completed under her belt was with the help of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's Month) and currently working on several more. She kept her feet on those stepping stones, going up one at a time and taking them gradually. Being a Capricorn, she rises gradually and with patience!

Currently residing in Katy, Texas (Just outside Houston), She is an aspiring author of Romantica Science Fiction/Fantasy.

She's been stamped with the obsession--the stories are her passion--and she loves it!! Heh. Heh.



Favorite Quote

"Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"

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