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She is born by it. She is created from it. Her every pore bares its mark.
It is what she is. It consumes her.
She sees a pigeon turning about, dancing its charms, enticing a mate.
The female turns her back to him and the watcher's insides quicken.
He will mount her, and the watcher will witness.
But the light changes or the encounter is too brief . . ..
Sad, isn’t it? Sex is always on her mind.
Even to watch two birds on the edge of a sign post brings it on.
She must have it. Her mind is consumed by it. Mentally, she is addicted.
Visually, she is consumed by it. A voyeur. A hunger.
She needs it. She wants it. She is it.
And if you do not give it to her, she becomes a beast.
A beast of manipulation. A conniver. A liar. A charmer. A temptress. A cheater.
She will have it, or she’ll make you pay.
Pay in pain. Pay in sorrow. Pay alone.
Give it to her. NOW!
Quench her hunger so that she may be at peace. Be herself Again.

An emotion between sex. It is there for comfort.
It is there for peace. It controls her.
She feels it when watching lovers: human or beast.
An emotion that she needs to make her feel alive.
She is a hunter of love. She can see its footprints.
She can find the clues. She can identify its rareness in one’s eyes.
She wants it. She must have it.
Without it, she is empty, for it provides security. It teaches her wisdom.
It feeds her spirit.
She is good when love is there. She is evil when it is not.
Pain her and she’ll burn you.
You will pay in pain! You will pay in sorrow!
And if she can not make you feel these evils, then she will wait.
In time, one day, she will see the regret in your eyes, and she will know,
with a pleasant smile that she gives to you, her revenge, that you regret.

Makes one being. It created her. She was formed by it.
It consumes her. It controls her. She is its slave for it nurtures her.
And without it, she is empty, incomplete, alone, evil, nothing.
Give it to her! She must have it! And she will have it. For without it, she has no life.
It is her spirit. It is who she is.
She is born to be,
Sex and Love.






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