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Unfilmed Eyes

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The red, orange and yellow leaves traveling the river contrasted sharply against the black water. Distant thunder and a bitter wind promised an early winter storm. She shivered and walked faster, ignoring the muffled diatribe coming from the burlap sack in her arms.


Title: Unfilmed Eyes

MSWord Count: 1097

Once upon a time, there was a castle that sat upon a treacherous hill. Inside this castle was a prince as rich as a million perfect pearls. His name was Prince Eric the Tall--such named for he was as tall as a young tree. Not only was he tall, but he was handsome as well, and as witty as a fox.

Unfortunately, the prince was cursed, as were most characters in fairy tales, by the Wicked Filmed-Eyed Witch, who randomly chose her victims, placing a magical film on the eyes of the beholder, disallowing them to see what's actually in front of them.

And so the rich, handsome prince was sought by princesses around the land. However, in order for them to reach the prince, the princesses must climb the treacherous hill, using the magical ropes, which hung down from the castle.

The prince would look down from his castle and see the beautiful princesses climbing his ropes. He will then choose to aid one he deemed intriguing. Yet, his curse made him choose only princesses whose hearts were full of greed; pulling once on the rope and immediately the princess was before him.

Once the princesses were inside the castle, they would meet the Prince and laugh at his witty conversation. They would also see the rooms filled with riches beyond their wildest dreams. Although Prince Eric presented to each princess a gift of her heart's desire, the greedy princesses could not settle for just the one gift and they would steal from the rooms.

Heartbroken, the Prince would toss the princess out of his castle and try again with the next princess he hoped to marry.

Not far away, was a princess who thought she had all that she needed. She had a wonderful father, King Hol, whose heart was as big as the sun and just as warm; she had a home where she was content; and a kingdom that loved her. Her name was Princess LaXel.

However, Princess LaXel was also cursed by the Wicked Filmed-Eyed Witch for the princess believed that she was ugly. Because she thought this way, she wore no décor nor did she wash the dirt from her face. She felt that since all the people of her land accepted her, there was no need to try to enhance what was already ugly. But, besides this, the princess was happy.

Unhappiness came to the princess's land when a plague killed many of her people, including her father, King Hol, who she depended so much to receive the warmth of love. The entire land mourned his death, but no more than Princess LaXel, for she began to realize that without her father's warm heart, she had no love.

And so the princess packed a burlap sack and ran away.

Upon her travel, she came upon a river filled with red, orange, and yellow leaves which contrasted sharply against the black water. Distant thunder and a bitter wind promised an early winter storm. She shivered and walked faster, knowing she must find shelter. It was then that she came upon the treacherous hill and a rope that hung down from a beautiful castle.

"I might find refuge here," she thought, and began to climb.

Prince Eric looked down from his castle and saw the unsightly princess, but did not offer his aid. To his surprise, she made the climb and he greeted her, begrudgingly. Despite himself, the Prince became intrigue with Princess LaXel's conversation and saw that she paid no attention to his riches. They spoke for hours and hours, and then for days.

One day, the Prince said, "You should wash your face so I could see you."

But Princess LaXel replied, "You should see my heart, for you know me by our time together".

Yet the Prince could not see her heart for his eyes were filmed, and could only see outer beauty, which the princess could not display for she was cursed with believing that she was ugly.

So, the Princess left the castle, her heart broken.

When she came upon the river again, she stopped and sat upon a boulder and began to cry. Then suddenly she heard someone calling for help and saw two fairies being washed away in the river. Using her burlap sack, the princess jumped into the water and scooped up the fairies who then protested bitterly about being in the sack. Ignoring the muffled diatribe, she swam back to shore and set them free. The fairies apologized for their rude behavior and then noticed the princess's sadness.

"Why do you cry?" they said in unison.

Princess LaXel told them of her love for Prince Eric on top of the treacherous hill.

"Since you saved our lives," the fairies said, "we will help you, for we know of your Prince's misfortune."

And so, the fairies told Princess LaXel to take a few drops of water from the river for the prince.

"Drop the water into his eyes and then he will see you," they said.

And so the princess set out to do what the fairies had told her.

As she retrieved the drops of water, she saw her reflection and she saw someone beautiful, for the water had washed the dirt away when she had jumped into the river.

"You had been cursed by the Wicked Filmed-Eyed Witch," the fairies explained, "We know her work well. And your Prince has been cursed similarly so. Go and save him."

And so Princess LaXel went back to the treacherous hill and began her climb again.

When the Prince looked down from his castle, he saw and recognized Princess LaXel. He could see that something had changed about her, yet he did not know what.

"There is something different about you," Prince Eric said when she had reached his richly room.

"I have washed my face with magical water," she explained. "Allow me to place a few drops into your eyes and you can also see its magic." She then asked him to trust her, which he hesitated to do so for several days. During those days, they continued to enjoy each other's company and conversations.

After becoming accustomed to her kindly ways, he finally agreed to her offer. Princess LaXel dropped the waters into his eyes, and when he opened them, he saw, not only the princess's beauty but her warm heart as well. Right there, he asked her to marry him, and then . . . of course, as all fairy tales do . . . they lived happily ever after.

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